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Stronger Together. More than just IT.

With over 20 years of IT experience in both enterprise and small business, see how the Trumbull Tech approach can help accelerate your business’s digital transformation and maximize your IT investments.


From installation and implementation, managing and migration, or managed services through our Concierge line of managed services. Our team of experts have the knowledge and experience your business needs.  

 We provide a holistic approach to managing, monitoring, securing, and operation of your IT environment.  Call today to schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation and learn how our team of highly trained and experienced engineers can accelerate your business!

Core Values:

  • Integrity - We do the right thing no matter what, even when no one is watching.  

  • Passion - We are passionate about empowering small businesses with technology. 

  • Mutual Respect - We appreciate each person's distinctive contributions by recognizing differences and celebrating diversity. 

  • Community - We help our communities, clients, and partners prosper beyond their IT needs.

At Trumbull Tech, we draw inspiration from our roots in Trumbull, CT where we experienced professional fulfillment and happiness. Our mission is to pay homage to that time and place—a period when passion and purpose converged. We strive to bring that same sense of fulfillment to everything we do.


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