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Cloud & Backup

Cloud Archive for Office 365​


  • Save on Microsoft 365 storage costs - Reduce cloud storage overages by removing large media files or stale content from your Microsoft 365 sites. 

  • Manage Information Lifecycle - Create storage tiers to move content based on time or metadata-based triggers to keep active workspaces clean and uncluttered.

  • Support Records Management - Create term stores, apply classification, and implement file plans, Store, and archive content in encrypted, compliant and exportable formats.



            $83.25 per month per Terabyte* 

            *Annual commitment required and one-time annual fee $999/TB/YR



                        Granular or site level archiving

                        Business rules and filters

                        Flexible online storage

                        Records management integration

                        Hierarchical storage management

                        High Fidelity archiving


Cloud Backup for Office 365

  • Protection from data loss scenarios - Various scenarios such as user error, admin error or even malicious insiders’ or outsiders’ data need to be protected. 

  • Accident- proof your automatic backups - Recovering data - Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – the maximum timeframe which data can be restored from a backup, includes the plan for frequency of backup.

  • Prevent downtime – Recovery time Objective (RTO) – Save time on restoring data, helps refine recovery points and classify data you are backing up.

$4 per month per user* 

            * Annual commitment is required and a one-time annual fee of $48 per user for the year.


                        Monitoring/ Auditing for all activity

                        Alerting for potential risks

                        24/7 security event response

                        Own your data- Maintain full access and control over your backup data.

                        Integrate existing security processes.

                        Customer owned encryption keys, data storage, authentication

                        Proactively detect ransomware.

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