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Trumbull Tech Managed Services: Frequently Asked Questions

At Trumbull, we pride ourselves on offering personalized managed IT services tailored specifically for smaller businesses—those often overlooked by larger service providers. Our unique approach allows us to focus on what truly matters to our clients, ensuring they receive high-quality, efficient, and reliable IT solutions. We understand you may have questions about how we operate differently, so here's a compilation of our most frequently asked questions to guide you through your buyer's journey with us.


Understanding Our Services and Support

Q: Do you have a minimum number of seats?

A: No, we do not require a minimum number of seats. Our services are designed to be flexible, catering to businesses of all sizes, particularly those with 25 or fewer employees.


Q: Why don’t you offer 24x7 support?

A: Our security systems operate 24x7 to protect your business, but we don't staff live support around the clock. Instead, we focus on providing targeted support during business hours when you need it most. This allows us to maintain high-quality service without unnecessary overheads.


Q: Why don’t you offer “unlimited support hours”?

A: We allocate time based on your specific needs. If more support is necessary, we discuss this with you before any overage charges. This approach ensures you're never surprised by your bill and only pay for what you need.


Pricing and Packages

Q: Why are your prices so low?

A: Our pricing strategy is built around offering everything you need and nothing you don’t, with fixed, predictable costs. We utilize enterprise-level tools tailored for small businesses, ensuring you receive the best value.


Q: Do you offer customized packages based on specific business needs?

A: We do not offer customized packages because our service stack is carefully designed to meet the needs of all small businesses. This standardized approach maintains our high quality and security standards, focusing on best practices across industries.


Technical and Security Measures

Q: What does your security entail?

A: Our security measures include comprehensive solutions like website lockdowns to prevent unauthorized access and potential threats. We ensure robust protection tailored to the unique challenges faced by small businesses.


Q: How do you handle data backup and disaster recovery?

A: We offer device and network drive backup to the cloud with point-in-time restore options, ensuring your business can recover quickly from any data loss incident in addition to Office 365 backup capability. 


Q: What is dark web scanning?

A: Our dark web scanning service monitors your domain and email addresses across the dark web to detect any data breaches. If your information is compromised, we promptly advise a companywide password reset and provide best practices for securing your accounts.


Additional Services and Compliance

Q: Can you support a remote or hybrid workforce?

A: Absolutely, we specialize in supporting remote and hybrid work environments, ensuring your team can work efficiently and securely from any location.


Q: Do you offer help desk services?

A: We provide help desk services as part of our concierge service packages but do not offer it standalone. This ensures our clients receive comprehensive support tailored to their specific needs.


Q: How do you help your clients remain industry compliant?

A: Our services are designed to help you meet the requirements of your cyber liability insurance and ensure compliance across various industries. We hold regular IT strategy meetings to align our services with your business goals and compliance requirements.


Getting Started

Q: How often will we have IT reviews or strategy meetings?

A: We conduct quarterly IT reviews and strategy meetings to discuss your business goals and how technology can be leveraged to meet them. This includes assessing if your current service level meets your needs or if adjustments are necessary.


Q: Are there any upfront costs or setup fees?

A: Yes, all our Concierge plans include a one-time onboarding investment of $249. This initial setup helps us tailor our services perfectly to your business needs right from the start.


Discover More About Trumbull Tech

Curious about the people behind Trumbull Tech? Visit our About Page to learn more about our founders and the personal motivations behind the creation of Trumbull. Understand our passion for providing exceptional IT services and how our roots define our commitment to your business's success.


By choosing Trumbull, you’re not just selecting an IT service provider; you're choosing a partner dedicated to your business's growth and success. We look forward to helping you navigate the complexities of modern IT with ease and confidence.

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